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Snowellness Experience

Snow is beauty, light, silence, emotion.
Each flake is a work of art.
A privilege reserved to certain regions, high altitudes and the coldest months.

Until now.

Now, the snow falls all year round, all across the world, in AreaSana SnowRooms.
Explore the new and unexpected space, in which to free the soul and restore the body.

Snowellness means uniqueness

Snow Cave

An amazing SnowRoom, created with a natural rock surface that has been modeled from real boulders.

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Snow Forest

Imagine you are high in the mountains in the middle of winter, snow-covered trees all around you, the soft light of the sun that is slowly setting.

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Custom Solution

A SnowRoom designed to individual requirements, customizable design and accessoires.

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Dr. Thuile, One method, more benefits

To fully enjoy the numerous benefits of AreaSana Snowellness, we apply the method developed by Dr. Christian Thuile.



Heating phase in the sauna. Seated or lying down, relax for approximately 12/15 minutes, depending on the individual tolerance.

Phase 1


Seated or standing, refresh the lungs by breathing deeply and rubbing any painful areas with snow. The suggested length of stay is 3/5 minutes.

Phase 2


Dedicate 15/20 minutes to relaxing and wait for the treatment to take full effect before repeating the cycle.

Phase 3
Snowellness Method Benefits