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Our snow how

AreaSana Snowellness is the result of study and research by a team of doctors and specialists who have been able to harness the extraordinary technology found inside each AreaSana SnowRoom.

A technology born out of the exceptional know-how of TechnoAlpin, a world leader in the snow-making sector, that is able to create “technical snow” composed solely of water and air. Every AreaSana SnowRoom is therefore a glistening example of innovation and engineering, and this is why support and maintenance are provided directly by the TechnoAlpin snow specialists, with a structured team of experts ready to assist around the world.

Our snow

The snow that falls in an AreaSana SnowRoom is a technical snow, just like the same that TechnoAlpin produces on the slopes around the world. Like natural snow, technical snow consists of nothing more than water and air. The only difference is that the technical snow is produced by using lances and fan guns: The so-called “nucleators” produce a mixture of water and compressed air, which expands in the atmosphere, allowing nuclides (snow nuclei) to develop. At the same time, the nozzles atomize water into fine droplets, which combine with the nuclides and freeze to form small snow crystals on their way down to the ground. The main requirements for technical snow production are the lowest possible air temperature and humidity. The combination of both variables results in the so-called wet-bulb temperature, used by snow-making technicians all around the world. Water temperature too plays an important role in snow-making, and ideally should be slightly above freezing point.

A family tradition

AreaSana is part of TechnoAlpin, an international company specialized in developing and building snowmaking systems since 1990. More than 1,800 customers in almost 50 countries and from the best-known destinations all over the world trust in TechnoAlpin. The company is a partner of numerous and important events such as the Olympic Games, World Ski Championships or the World Cup Ski Championships, and it is also the official product partner of the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Every year a budget of around five million euro is invested in the research and development of new technologies. Two centers of expertise guarantee an optimum focus of the research work in the development of fan guns and snow lances. The two research centers regularly share their insights and findings with each other, resulting in the benefit of a comprehensive body of knowledge. By working in close collaboration with universities, research institutes and specialist partner companies, TechnoAlpin will also be able to continue offering better solutions in future, both in field of snow guns and other components, such as pumping stations and software.

Today, therefore, TechnoAlpin offers a full project management service encompassing all the phases involved in providing a snow-making system, from planning and installation right through to after-sales service. A wide range of different fan guns and snow lances and the use of custom control software enable the development of individual turnkey solutions. By selecting the right snow gun and making the necessary adaptations to suit the terrain and infrastructure, while taking account of a wide and diverse range of given factors and conditions, TechnoAlpin can guarantee optimum use of the available resources.

Great team, perfect assistance

AreaSana uses TechnoAlpin’s exceptional service network, spread out from the eight service centers strategically located all over the world: Bolzano (Italy), Flüelen (Switzerland), Dardilly (France), Volders (Austria), Denver (USA), Sunne (Sweden), Beijing (China) and Žilina (Slovakia). The TechnoAlpin team and your personal contact persons, who will travel to any site in order to sort out all kinds of issues, is available at any time. The service team can be contacted on the service hotline or by email around the clock.

One important part of the after-sales service center is the spare parts store which was automated in 2016 and is located in Volders (Austria). There is a dedicated team there in charge of administrating the international spare parts management system. This makes it possible to reduce waiting times and to guarantee rapid processing of customer inquiries. Naturally, all the services are guaranteed over the entire service life of the snowmaking system or the AreaSana SnowRoom.

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